Get Conched on your Bahamas Vacation!

Bahama vacations are the BEST! For a bit of adventure, just cross the “Gulf” stream and cruise over to the Bahamas! Bimini Bahamas, only 42 miles east of Miami, is an easy day trip in your boat and on the way you can “catch” your own supper. Ah … you are all thinking fish, but what I really mean is a delightful conch! I say catch, but conch (pronounced “konk”) don’t move too fast… fact, they make watching grass grow a competitive sport!

We had a Bimini Bash not too long ago …. All of us waited with anticipation for the “conch” dude to arrive at the dock of our Bimini Sands condo with his catch. Cruising up to the dock in a 12 foot unpainted flats boat was the "man" dressed in a bright purple wet suit, his boat laden with the delightful Queen Conch. Bargaining begins…how many… do we want him to clean them…of course…would we like to keep the shells for souvenirs…maybe…OK, for a few dollars and a couple of cold Budweiser’s we struck a deal.
Now the fun begins! Before I really get into the prep of this tasty treat I open up an icy cold bottle of Kalik….that’s beer brewed in the Bahamas and excellent with a squeeze of lime……I like mine over ice with a straw, but that’s my own little secret….most people just like the lime. Preparation of cracked conch can be thirsty work! Once the conch is totally cleaned and I have removed all of the orange and black “parts”, I slice it into ¼ inch slices so that I have little fillets. Next I bring out my conch “whacker”…..this device strikes fear into the heart of my husband….I guess because I enjoy this part way too much! Place the fillets on a plastic cutting board and begin to “whack” the heck out of them….I like mine tenderized to the point of being able to read a newspaper through it.
Now dredge it in seasoned flour, dip in beaten egg, then re-dredge and place on a plate… the meantime heat some butter in a sauce pan … did you hear your arteries chuckle? The actual cooking is best done outside if at all possible because of the mess it makes, but if there is fire, it will work anywhere. Gently sauté the fillets on both sides until golden brown and place on a paper towel to drain.
OK, now we’re really ready to get down to business. As a fan of wine, the wine food pairing aspect always enters the picture. Just what do we pair with this Bahamian delicacy? One of my favorites is a clean, refreshing Sauvignon Blanc from France to compliment this buttery rich conch treat. This is definitely the choice of the girls in the group … the boys, being boys, stick with the Kalik … lol!
I plate up the conch with fresh sliced lime on the side, my preferred garnish, and in addition I whip up a quick tartar sauce of light miracle whip and sweet pickled relish….hey in the Bahamas you use what you can find! DELICIOUS!
When you decide to finally go on that Bahamas vacation, you will have all sorts of cool adventures like this … this is what the vacationing in the Bahamas is all about ….stepping outside the “box” … doing things that are different and having the time of your life!
Bimini Bahamas isn’t all that far away from the USA, but in terms of lifestyle …. AHHHH!

Have the time of your life on your own Bahamas vacation!

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