Bahama Vacations - You're Not in Kansas Anymore, Toto!

Bahama Vacations are so much more than laying in the sun and soaking up the tropical rays ... if you are lucky enough to travel to South Bimini Bahamas you can even get back to nature, learn a bit about these interesting islands and enjoy the critters that call this area home.

How cool is watching these reef sharks feed? After just a few minutes in the water you know for sure that you are not in Kansas anymore, Toto ... lol!

I have been over the Bimini Nature Trail many times and I always see something new. Bimini Bahamas, what an awesome experience!

To enjoy your vacation in the Bahamas, our Bimini Sands condo is for rent on South Bimini. Planning your Bahamas vacation is always the key to a terrific adventure!

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