Bahama Vacations – Don’t Forget to Pack the Wasabi!

Fish Bimini? You will find some of the fishing in the world located right in the Bahamas. If you want your Bahamas vacation to include catching some world class tuna you don’t have to go any further than the Bimini’s. Ernest Hemingway fished these waters and made big game fishing a glamorous sporting activity in this area that still brings in fisherman from all over the world.
Bimini Bahamas, less than 50 miles off the Florida coast, is just a hop, skip and a jump in your fishing boat and with just a bit of local knowledge and skill, you too can be bringing home the big ones for dinner!
Tuna comes in several varieties … no I don’t mean solid packed in water or oil … lol … but the scrumptious Bluefin, Yellowfin, Blackfin, Bigeye or Albacore and are all tasty additions to the dinner table.
Now, BigAl and I have learned how to fish these “bad boys” from trial and error … in fact many errors …. But I think we finally have the secret … Hehehe … at least we have pretty good luck. We start out our fishing trips by locating the birds that are dipping into the water feeding. The birds are eating the bait fish … the same bait fish that tuna’s call “good” eats! When you spot birds there is a very good chance that there are tuna down below ringing the dinner bell. When you get close to the area, look to see if the water is boiling with activity from below. This is what really makes a fisherman’s heart thump with excitement …
OK, the following is what NOT to do …. Troll slowly through the middle of the action sending birds and the fish below scurrying away. If you check out tuna facts, you

will find that they are one of the seas fastest swimming fish. They can easily reach speeds of up to 45 mph so a slow troll simply does not do it for these guys. We like to troll between 10-15 mph and always have good luck. Try trolling just on the outskirts of the school … you will find that they will make a break from the pack to scoop up your tasty morsel and in turn audition for your dinner table! How cool is that?
What about bait, you ask? Well, we have tried all sorts of exotic stuff … from live bait to colorful lures to daisy chains and everything in between. These all may work some time, but one evening we got the real skinny from a local … after numerous Kalik’s, he spilled the beans … and it was very simple … a cedar plug! An unpainted cedar plug is even better … who would have thought? These nondescript looking lures don’t float my boat, but take it from me, they work like a charm!
The last time we hit it big on a tuna run, the action was so hot that we blew one engine … no kidding … well it was just a belt, but we continued to crank up the one remaining engine to hook just a couple of more of these guys. After all, we had plenty of wasabi and our mouths were watering for tuna sashimi … oh my!
So when you plan your Bahamas vacation and you write up your “packing” list, make sure you bring at least a 30 SPF sunscreen, a hat and plenty of Wasabi!

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