Bahama Vacations – Bimini Ring Game Frenzy!

One of the many things to do while on your Bahamas vacation is to learn and perfect the Bimini Ring Game. This crazy game is addictive and just gets better and better as the evening progresses. Could it possibly be the beer that is consumed along with the playing … lol! Shagger, leaner, creeper and boomering are all special “cool” terms associated with this game.

History tells us that this Pub game was originally called Ringing the Bull …. It involved swinging a bull's nose-ring, which was attached to a string, in an arc so as to hook it onto a bull's horn or hook attached to the wall. It had stay on the horn or hook in order to count as a successful throw. This game can be traced back to the late 12th and early 13th centuries in Jolly Olde England where Robin Hood and his band Merry Men were busy robbing the rich and giving to the poor!

It seems almost natural that pirates, like Blackbeard and his gang would bring this fun game over to the Caribbean Islands on their plundering journeys in the 1700’s and from here it has spread worldwide. Bimini Ring Game tournaments are held worldwide with bar’s and backyards all over the globe sporting this famous hook and ring game!

We even brought the first Bimini Ring Game to the tiny Island of Guanaja in Honduras and had our friend Brewski Bob instruct all the locals in proper technique! We feel instrumental in the growth of this “sport”.

Our condo on South Bimini in the Bahamas offers our variation of the Bimini Ring Game so you can polish up your skills for the watering holes of Bimini!

Here you can see BigAl in a friendly game of ring toss with one of the locals …

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