Bahama Vacations - Travel by SeaPlane

Next time you plan your Bahama Vacations, consider traveling by seaplane.

I just flew with Nick from Tropic Ocean Airways  and had a blast!  I met Nick during a dinner with Big Game Club manager Michael Weber on North Bimini.  I wasn't aware that there was a seaplane base in downtown Miami close to my final destination at the Four Ambassadors on Brickell Bay Drive.  The price Nick quoted me  was better than Continental Airlines to Ft. Lauderdale and we had our exclusive "seaplane limo" service direct  into Miami.

We actually flew from Bimini to Miami under 30 minutes and the view was spectacular looking down at the ocean ... we could even see sharks swimming close to Bimini in the flats area.  As we got closer to the Florida coastline, several of the cruise ships had just left port ... very cool!

We landed in the government cut in Miami and watched homeland security guard the last cruise ship while we bobbled on by and then up to the seaplane base that used to be the base for Chalk's Airlines.  Roberto, the fellow in charge of the seaplane base, was warm and friendly, offered us drinks on arrival ... he even gave us a ride to our final destination as we couldn't seem to contact a taxi!

Clearing customs and immigration was a breeze and total travel time was less than one hour.

When you plan your next Bahamas vacation, if you are looking to save time and money with a direct flight Miami to Bimini,  just give Nick and Tropic Ocean Airways a call!

Bahama Vacations - Where Everyone is Irish ... LOL!

Bahama Vacations ... coming this March 17th the place to be is the Bimini Beach Club where everyone is Irish ... LOL!

Are you ready for the Wearin' o' the Green? Everyone's Irish on St. Paddy's Day, especially at Bimini Sands! Join us for Corned Beef and Cabbage and $3 Guinness on Saturday, March 17.

Special menu:

Where will you and your favorite Leprechaun be on St. Patrick's Day?

Maybe its time to plan that Bahamas vacation ...

Bahama Vacations - Ring Dinger of a Time!

Bahama vacations ... there is something for everyone when you visit Bimini Bahamas.  If the world class fishing and diving doesn't float your boat ... pun intended ... then what about looking for that special shell to add to your collection.

What if you enjoy more "athletic" type sports ... perhaps the Bimini Ring Game is more your style!  It is harder than it looks and the rules seem to change with the amount of beer consumed, but it is sure to be a "ring dinger" of a time for all!

Once you get the hang of doing it facing forward, the real pros do it from the back or the side ... hehehheeee

This ring happens to be located at Mackey's Sand Bar down at the Bimini Beach Club, but most bars around the island have one hidden somewhere ...

Bahama vacations ... and you thought it was all about the beach!