Bahama Vacations - Ring Dinger of a Time!

Bahama vacations ... there is something for everyone when you visit Bimini Bahamas.  If the world class fishing and diving doesn't float your boat ... pun intended ... then what about looking for that special shell to add to your collection.

What if you enjoy more "athletic" type sports ... perhaps the Bimini Ring Game is more your style!  It is harder than it looks and the rules seem to change with the amount of beer consumed, but it is sure to be a "ring dinger" of a time for all!

Once you get the hang of doing it facing forward, the real pros do it from the back or the side ... hehehheeee

This ring happens to be located at Mackey's Sand Bar down at the Bimini Beach Club, but most bars around the island have one hidden somewhere ...

Bahama vacations ... and you thought it was all about the beach!

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