Bahama Vacations- Miss Universe Contestants Visit

Will you be enjoying your Bahama Vacations at the Bimini Sands Marina and Resort when some of the contestants from the 2009 Miss Universe Pageant stop by Bimini?

I know that most avid fishermen of the Bahamas would like to get a chance to meet ... or at least see ... these lovely ladies in person. Right now they are scheduled to visit the shark lab and the fountain of youth on South Bimini, Saturday August 8th ... will you be there? I don't think that any of the sweet young things will be needing the refreshing waters of the fountain, do you?

They will end their Bimini Bahamas tour at Mackey's Sand Bar at the Beach Club ... this place is terrific and I have been known to tip a few cool beverages there, also ... I wonder if they will end up dancing on the bar like these "happy" folks!

The actual pageant will be held in Nassau on the 23rd ... stop by the Beach Club ...  it will be a great place to watch the festivities!


  1. I think I am going to join the ranks of the ex-pat crowd. I recently went on an amazing Tuscany wine tour and was just blown away. Imagine drinking wine in the exact vineyard that the grapes come from. All while surrounded by the freshest and most delicious Italian cooking on Earth. Now I’m back at work and every time I close my eyes I can see, smell, and taste the vineyards of Tuscany. Ciao!

  2. That was fun! The video shows how the ladies enjoyed the place and show how they party.

    Thanks for sharing buddy.

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