Bahama Vacations in the Exuma Bahamas

With over 700 Islands of the Bahamas .. you won't run out of choices for a very long time! When you want a little adventure in your travel, consider cruising in your own boat to the Exumas

The water is drop dead beautiful ... actually it is even better in person! We came over in our 430 sportfish, the Funlovers and spent a couple of weeks in Bimini, Bahamas then traveled to Chub Key and on to Nassau. We fueled and stocked up on food and liquor in Nassau because we just weren't sure what we would find in the Exumas ... we went late in the Hurricane season and many things had closed down already.

From Nassau, our firststop was throwing out the hook at Allens Cay ... a terrific protected bay and spent the night. early the next morning we dingied over to land to check out all the Iguana's. They are protected by the Bahamian government and quite a sight to see. The beach was pristine and there were no footprints in the sand ... what can I say ... it was enchanting!

We dingied back to the boat and were making ready to leave when we heard the throb of engines ... lot's of them ... I poked my head out and you won't believe what I saw ... 3, 35 foot raceboats with 4 engines apiece on them! There must have been at least 50 people "tourists" on the boats ... they beached on the shore and everyone spilled out to look at the Iguana's ... :-)

It was like Disney world in the Bahamas! OH MY!

We pulled up anchor and left for Compass Cay ... truly a gift from heaven. This slice of the Bahamas has been tended to with a great deal of care by Tucker Rolle. There are strict rules about where the trash goes and where the food leftovers go ... and the food goes to the trained nurse sharks in the bay. Knock on the wooden platform and they come right up to you and if it is high tide, they will even hop up on the low dock for you to pet them ... no kidding!

We spent a week there and then traveled down as far as Staniel Cay before a hurricane started brewing and we hightailed up to the Abacos ... but that is another story, for another day ...

Enjoy your vacation in the Bahamas in our Bimini Sands condo on South Bimini. Planning your Bahamas vacation is always the key to a terrific adventure! Get a special rate, just email me at

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